TITLE: My Doorlin' MamaTHEEta AUTHOR: julie DATE: 2/05/2004 04:17:00 PM ----- BODY:
So, hey! Nothing much going on, although I will say that I am sans headache, which means pretty much anything could happen today and I'd greet it with the same response...a big, ole' smile and possibly, a click of my heels, midair. I feel like animated woodland creatures are following me around the day after a headache takes its leave. Pretty soon, I'll start singing on the way to the bathroom or coffee machine. I've been tinkering with the front page of the site, as you may have noticed. Not bad for a novice, eh? We'll see how long it lasts. I talked with Mama last night and was thrilled (and a bit surprised...no offense, Ma) to hear that she has been sticking to our goal of "saving" for a trip together to Espana. This means that I actually have to cut back on expenses. For Mama, it means she cannot continue to buy more stuff (that I will eventually have to clean out) to clutter up her home or garage...namely another set of dishes. The woman loves dishes. I actually convinced her to give 2 sets (TWO SETS!) away over the holidays. Don't worry, though. If you and say, the population of Delaware want to stop by for dinner, she'd still be able to accommodate you, and I'm not talking about with any Chinette or Dixie garbage either. You'll likely be supping off of Blue Willow, Desert Rose, or the most expansive collection of Fiesta ware you have ever seen. She even has the color that was deemed "unsafe" to eat off of in the fifties. Some kind of toxic red that will melt your lips right off, I guess. I'd warn you to steer clear of that one service, I suppose, but it wouldn't matter. She won't let you eat off of it, but you know it's there...in the hutch...to complete the set. Her vice was present even at a young age as she was the hostess of many a tea party, complete with the appropriate tea-set for her company. I can just hear her syrupy, Oklahoma voice oozing out of her blonde, little head. "Way-uhl, let's see. Scaw-uht, Terry, and Sharon wee-uhl be hee-yuhr, so Ah wee-uhl lackly use the Row-yee Rogers say-uht. Now, if Cay-uthey and Creesty wuhr to suhr-praz us wee-uth a veezit, Ahl jes' sweetch to mah flow-ruhl say-uht, seence it serves see-ux to eight." Oh, Mama. What a lady. Side note: She teaches Spanish, and when she speaks it, native speakers think she is one of their own. And...she enunciates Spanish words when speaking English within an inch of their lives. It used to crack Jill and me up when we'd go to Taco Bell and hear Mama's drawl become a Southern/Castillian hybrid. Into the drive-through's intercom Mama would shout, "Yay-us, Ah need a Nacho Bell Grrrrrrrande and wuhn beef burrrrrrrrrrrito." Anyway- She's not "impulse buying" when she feels homesick for us and she's really trying to watch "stopping by" T.J. Maxx "way-uhr they jes' hay-uhv the bay-est barguhnz." Bless her heart. Most of the time she buys anything, it's for one of her two daughters...she just wants to give, give, give. Either that, or she has to give what she buys to one of us because her house will pop if she tries to squeeze one more thing into it. However, I think I got through to her over the holidays when I said that if she just saved all the money she would have spent throughout the year on whatchamacallits and thingamabobs, we'd have enough to take a trip to Spain. That seemed to do it. Terry even suggested she write "Spain" on her checkbook as a little aversion therapy. I hope it works! I'd love nothing more to spend some time with my little Mama (hopefully, we can convince "Jee-uhl" to come, too) in the country she encourages all of her students to visit, despite never having gone there herself. I can just hear it. "Oh Mah Gawd, Joowah-lee! Wee-urh in Barrrrrrr-THEH-lona!"
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