TITLE: Funny Girls AUTHOR: julie DATE: 8/10/2004 02:06:00 PM ----- BODY:
Damn! I keep writing this entry about all my visitors...meticulously choosing words and phrases that will do these ladies justice, but while I do so, they make me laugh so hard that Arizona Diet Green Tea shoots out of my nose. That's not a euphemism...I was actually drinking the tea when I opened up an email from Lindsey and read this: "Someone actually titled her book Annie Loses Her Leg, But Finds Her Way. Maybe instead of Thomas, The Tank Engine little Oliver would like a book about a dismembered dog. It's only $12.95." The next email I opened was from my mother telling me that she returned from her travels in South America. Two thirds of the email was devoted to the incredible bargains she found while she was there. Undoubtedly my favorite part, the one to which I say "Bravo, Mother!" is: "Then I found a really pretty sport jacket/blazer in Argentina. It's made of carpincho, which is a water hog." Sexy. Addendum: I found out that Carpincho is actually NOT a water hog...it is worse...much worse.
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